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In Home Care services for Seniors & Staffing services

About Us

Compassionate Homecare & Staffing Services for Your Loved Ones

Xtrakare is your dedicated partner for exceptional home care services and staffing services. Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for individuals seeking assistance in the comfort of their homes. With a client-centric focus, we meticulously match experienced and licensed caregivers with unique needs and preferences, ensuring a personalized and trustworthy home care experience. At xtrakare, we prioritize quality care, personalized matching, reliability, and peace of mind, making us the ideal partner for those looking for compassionate and professional home care solutions.

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Good quality care services

"We provide Exceptional care for your well-being, ensuring comfort, safety, and personalized attention with our quality services."

Experienced Caregivers team

"We have Skilled caregivers, dedicated to your well-being with a wealth of experience and compassionate care."

Senior care services with xtrakare
Home care services & staffing services​ with xtrakare

Our Vision

XtraKare: Envisioning Holistic Excellence in Home Care and Staffing Services"

We provide personalized home care with diversity, innovation, and community partnership.

Exceptional Quality of Care

We're committed to delivering exceptional, personalized home care services.

Empowering Independence

XtraKare aims to empower clients to age independently at home

Community-Centric Approach

We are dedicated to building strong, supportive communities around our clients.

Safety and Security

We prioritizes the safety and security of our clients, implementing rigorous protocols to create a secure home care environment.

In Home Care services for Seniors

we offer specialized care services to cater to specific needs

“Compassionate In Home Care services for Seniors ensuring well-being, safety, and independence in the comfort of home. Your loved ones deserve the best.”


Peace of mind

Choosing XtraKare ensures your loved ones are cared for, bringing peace of mind.

Good quality care

High-quality care, prioritizing well-being and comfort for a fulfilling and supportive experience.

building strong relationships

Building strong client relationships through trust, communication, and dedicated care support.


Happy clients


Our Staff Team


Corporate Partner



Featured Questions

Our Featured Question Answer You Should Know

Healthcare staffing is a service that connects healthcare facilities with skilled professionals to fill staffing gaps, ensuring the delivery of quality patient care.

Staffing services offer flexibility, allowing healthcare facilities to efficiently manage their workforce and ensure continuous, high-quality healthcare services.

our Staffing services can provide a diverse range of healthcare professionals, including RNs, LPNs, CNAs, CMA.

No, we can assist in filling both temporary and permanent positions based on the requirements of the healthcare facility.

The timeframe varies, but reputable staffing services like us strive to match qualified candidates with healthcare facility needs promptly, often within a matter of hours.

While costs may vary, healthcare facilities benefit from cost-effective solutions that eliminate the expenses associated with traditional hiring processes.

We employ rigorous screening processes, including background checks, credential verification, and interviews, to ensure the qualifications and competency of their candidates.

Most Healthcare facilities typically submit a staffing request to us outlining their needs, including the type of position, required qualifications, and desired start date. 

Yes, using healthcare staffing services can be cost-effective for facilities, as it eliminates the need for extensive recruitment processes, reduces overtime costs, and provides flexibility in managing labor expenses.